Weekend Workshops + Retreats

Workshops for all of you that feel a desire to play and live more freely, spontaneous and creative.

This workshop is an introduction into the Art of Play & Improvisation.

Playing from `no-thingness´, from the empty space of unlimited possibilities.

The adventure of the fool leads us back to the source of our creativity, aliveness and childlike innocence.

It is a chance to remember those parts of ourselves that got lost while growing up, trying to fit in and adapt to social and cultural normalities.

Through movement, dance and drama we learn to become more aware of the social roles and masks we are playing.

For once we can take them not as seriously as we are supposed to do by society and authority.

We get to know our identifications and create space to not confuse them with who we truly are, playing consciously with them.

Fools play with stories and dramas we all know but pretend not to.

As in the story of ` The emperors new clothes´ it needs a child or a fool to speak out what is true for all.

A play appears that shows the audience a mirror. It is more than pure entertainment and gives us the freedom and permission to laugh about all those silly rules we have forgotten we follow. The play gives us a chance to reflect if these rules still make sense to us or if it is time to change them.

“Every creative act is a form of play. Play is the zero point from where learning and evolution becomes possible. Play can`t be defined because every definition will slip from it. Play will resist all social hierarchies. let`s play!”

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“Artistic collaboration can run the gamut from a totally structured hierarchy, as for example a motion picture crew working from a script, to a leaderless group of performers improvising together, taking equal and shared responsibility for everything that happens. Collective free improvisation in the performing arts ,music, dance, and theatre invites us into whole new kinds of human relationships and fresh harmonies, in that the structure, idiom, and rules are not dictated by any authority, but created by the players. In and by their play they build their own society.”

Stephen Nachmanovitch


Also look up Franki Anderson

she has been my teacher for many years and feel very grateful for all that I have been learning from her!