I am fully qualified in Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor Therapy and run regular groups with Deborah Clarke. One on one structures are also possible if you want a more gentle start to this amazing journey.

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Pesso Boyden Therapy

Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) is a body-mind approach to human psychological development. It represents the coming together of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural and system-oriented principles, along with client-centred attitudes, in one integrated philosophy. This unified method is supported by the latest research on cognition, emotion, memory systems and brain functions. Body-mind information and experiences are utilised, applying well defined principles and techniques which are offered to participants in a way that empowers them to stay in charge of their own therapeutic process.

This highly respectful approach helps you to access the hidden emotional processes and limiting patterns (based on experiences of the past) that continue to influence your present-day emotions, attitudes, expectations and decisions.

The creation of alternative body-mind experiences – symbolic ‘counter-events’ – will help you to review and redesign these patterns so as to update your ‘personal software’. The work attends to the satisfaction of basic developmental needs and unmet maturational requirements that are the basis for self-fulfilment and trust. This releases untapped potential, leading to a more optimistic life-perspective and more successful interpersonal behaviour. You will experience the delight of becoming more tuned-in to your own and others’ thoughts, feelings and needs, which leads to more pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness in your daily life.