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Believe it or not , as humans we can make choices about who we want to be, what to think, feel and how we want to behave. We can change our energies and invent ourselves fresh again. There are many techniques out there teaching us how to do so and I had the chance to experience and learn some very powerful methods that did it for me and that I now would like to share like wingwave®, Voice Dialogue and PBSP.

For many years I was struggling with a huge inner critic,

who would whisper all these negative thoughts about myself into my ear and I wouldn`t even notice that this was what was going on. It was automatic and caused me a lot of pain.Voice Dialogue and Theatre helped my to become aware of it and to unhook from it. Today my critic has turned into an ally fulfilling the tasks that I want him to. Never squashing me but making me alert. He works for me now and not against me anymore. Actually he is doing a very good job, keeping my ship in line with what I really want !

Our brains and bodies are amazing. There are some simple ways to access the unconscious and to release those frozen emotions that keep us in a loop, reproducing the same old experiences over and over again.  I couldn`t believe how easy it can be when experiencing wingwave®coaching the first time.

I had some major breakthroughs with it, looking at my negative core beliefs especially around money and relationship. Finding out about their origin in my unconscious.  If you think you have been everywhere and have looked into every corner of your psyche try this. I feel like I am a different person walking into the direction I have chosen.

To me it still feels like magic although of course it isn`t.

Actually  it gets even better as there are possibilities of putting some new ideal memories in. I am currently training in PBSP .

Doesn`t that sound like science fiction?

Life can be so exciting- it`s your choice






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