Who was Rudolf von Laban?Rudolf Laban

Laban (1879-✞1958) was a dancer, choreographer,

painter and movement researcher who studied music,

architecture and geometry.


He was a pioneer of German Modern Dance and influenced a whole generation of dancers from Mary Wigman to Pina Bausch.

What are Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies?
Basically LBMS provides a language for describing human movements. The studies consist of Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF).
This system devides movement into six major movement categories:
Body, Effort, Shape, Space, Relationship and Phrasing. These basic categories can be identified and examined alone and in relationship to each other.
There are so many benefits from it that I don`t know where to start.
If you are a dancer LBMS is a basis on which your technique can improve immensely.
If you just love dancing and want to reconnect to the fullness of life and spirituality, this is the place for it.
If you want  to ease pains, this can help you to re-educate your body and free yourself from unhealthy movement patterns joyfully.
If you are a healer you will gain more insights about the relationship between movement and psychology….
Or just simply,  have a good time staying  fit!
What can you expect?
  • To dance creatively without learning steps.
  • how to move more functionally AND expressively.
  • Experience the extraordinary and integrative movement that goes beyond technique.
  • Explore the underlying principles of movement.
  • Gain more awareness about your body movement.
  • Find out about your personal movement preferences and what it means to you