“I have learned more about projections in one weekend than I have learned in two years of supervision training.”

Ute J. Author, organizational developer and consultant , Germany

“In the last 5 years I have regulary taken part in fooling workshops with Daniela, sometimes twice a year. I always had a very good time with lots of feelings, fun and laughter and sometimes tears. All the time I realize that in five days I would have laughed more than in the last 6 months together. Added to that I learn more about myself, my past and my presence, workshop by workshop. When the workshop has finished I always feel happy and in good mood, for a long time.”

Renate B. School Teacher, Germany

“I especially liked the mixture of planned structure and situational improvisation. Because of that, the workshop was very lively without becoming chaotic. I also liked how Daniela worked with totally different personalities, it came across very relaxed but highly professional and validating. I got some very good experiences about the play with the moment out of it.”

Hauke T. self employed speech therapist, Germany

I experienced an atmosphere of great validation and sensitive facilitation, this made it possible for me to show, and bring into life, parts of myself that normally would stay hidden. I experienced  joy, lightness and  things that deeply moved me inside.

Andrea M. Germany

In October 2013 I did  7 days of Fooling ( 2 day taster and 5 day intensive) with Daniela. The most important experience for me was to be part of a group with totally different people , feeling liberated to follow my own inner impulses and perceptions instead of orientating on what happens on the outside. This was like paradise to me, pure freedom! I experienced a lot of laughter as well as playing with sadness. It was wonderful, very intensive and honest. Fooling: A very creative and playful way to meet each other and add some lightness to the more difficult topics in life.

Sabine,   Child Psychotherapist


If you ever think about sharing a Workshop which is full of vitality, laughter, joy, inspiration, honesty, meeting other fools on the way, being touched, doing first or further steps on the “stage”, loosing a little bit of control, the adventure of showing yourself like you are to others on the same way, although it takes you maybe all your courage, then it will be a good decision to enter a group by Daniela. She will give you best support and she´s present with her heart,knowledge and joy.  All the feelings, that will come to the surface have room for being expressed and the stage is a wonderful and magic place for living this and then getting feedback from others. So I can only say: Have fun and “risk” this adventure of being yourself in contact with others on the same way!!!!

Bettina R. Feldenkrais Practitioner, Germany

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