We all live in a foolish world; unless we want to become mad, we have to become fools ourselves.       Antonin Hodek, Mime

About me

I call myself a modern fool as it is the archetype that will include all the different facets of who we are and therefore allow to be anything we want.

My lifes purpose is to reveal the insanity of normality to public audiences and in foolish workshops. We can change unhealthy patterns only when they rise to consciousness.

As Eckhart Tolle says it ” The greatest achievement of humanity is not its works of art, science, or technology, but the recognition of it`s own dysfunction, its own madness.” I work with theatre and dance in an artistic way but also in the field of personal development and growth. Helping people to find and fulfill their purpose, be who they truly are and achieve what they want to achieve for the good of all. We are best when we feel passionate about what we do.

I give private sessions on Voice Dialogue, wingwave®coaching and have recently started training to become a Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor Therapist . I am also a  Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA)


Daniela is a state certified clown and was trained, in addition to many training courses and workshops ( Keith Johnstone,Ka Rustler, Gerry Flanagan, Tony Glaser,…),

by TuT ( School of Dance, Clown and Theatre, Hanover Germany)

and Franki Anderson ” The ancient art of “Fooling” ( The Empty Space Project,, Cornwall, UK) to whom she is especially grateful and whose work she passionately supports and passes on.

Daniela Schlemm studied six years of psychology at University Bremen/ Germany and is a CLMA (Certified Laban /Bartenieff Movement Analyst, trained by EUROLAB , Berlin).

Interestingly, one of Laban`s first publicly performed pieces was named ” Fool`s Mirror” ( “Narrenspiegel”).

Daniela particularly loves improvisation and the connection of various artistic disciplines. With this she builds on Laban`s “Tanz, Ton, Wort”!

Her seminars release the creativity of the participants, promote vitality through a supportive and safe atmosphere and leave a lasting impact.


and More:

In the end everything will be good and if it isn`t good it isn`t the end yet.

My name is Daniela. I am a German state certified clown, which is a joke in itself. I trained at TuT (School of Dance, Clown and Theatre, Hanover I studied 6 years of psychology at Bremen University. Studying Paul Feyerabend´s “Against Method“ with his motto “Anything goes“ and Arno Gruen´s ” The insanity of normality” and “The betrayal of the self ” changed my life.

After following the so called fool of science methodology (Paul Feyerabend) I followed another fool Franki Anderson, who taught me most about theatre I know today. As players on the stage of life we don`t have problems just dramas and they can be very enjoyable if we don`t take them too seriously. We can never be sure if we should feel like a player in a tragedy or a comedy, leading actor in the drama of human existence, where nature builds the chorus. What happens between the audience and the player is more than the pure enjoyment of these tragic or comic miseries, we get permission to have a look into the workshop of the human mind, imagination and action drives. We can experience how what we thought would be very personal is something collective. The King is naked – it needs a child or a fool to speak out what is true to all.

I think theatre is the best place to learn about being human: it doesn´t look for solutions, therefore solutions can be found. There are things that don`t get taught in schools but are essential to build healthy communities. Theatre offers a mirror ! A sacred space where what you do or feel has no consequences in reality and at the same time it might do.

” I learned more on your two day workshop about projections than I did in all my supervision training”, one of my workshop participants said.

Some things can`t be explained in words, they need to be experienced and the rational mind can be a hindrance to experience directly.

I have witnessed the beauty of people when they dare to show their beings and speak their truth.

There was another fool I was following -Rudolf Laban! I studied Laban for 4 years in Berlin, I have a certificate on Laban/Bartenieff movement analysis (CLMA) but most of all I love Laban´s work and approach towards supporting people to become who they truly are.

I have that vision of working on myself and in community with others towards simplifying communication through becoming more transparent and aware of how my inner world connects with the outer world. I see a Möbiusband, or, to say it in very simple words, what you see is what you get and what you get is what you see. I could go on forever, like the 8 shaped band which is a symbol of eternity where emotion can flow without judgement in an endless wave.

It is easier to stay true to myself when I am in an environment of people who are committed to be true to themselves.

I facilitate workshops on Laban Dance, Fooling for teachers and educators mostly in Germany, but I am in the process of shifting the center of my life to Cornwall. I was working for many institutions and schools in Germany and as a performer.

I trained with Keith Johnstone, Tony Glaser, Ka Rustler, Antja Kennedy, Gerry Flannigan…. and of course Franki Anderson and have more than 15 years experience in the field of the dynamic arts.