A State of Play

My workshops and lessons bring you to life, drawing on my wide professional experience and training in dance, theatre, dramatic arts and personal development. Many of life’s unseen limits become so obvious when you step outside the box and give yourself permission to play the fool for a while. It is a liberating experience to laugh at all those silly rules we forget we are following.

I work process- led and with respect for the individual, sensitivity, authenticity and a good breeze of humour, lightness and joy.”

I use some basic rules to create a safe and supportive atmosphere where growth can happen naturally.

I am very grateful to have learned so much from my teacher Franki Anderson.

If you get a chance to work with her, do so!

She has been the embodiment of the wise fool for me for more than 12 years. Franki Anderson

The Fool

For hundred of years spiritual seekers were looking to the east for true liberation, deep insights and enlightenment.

But what often gets overlooked is that Europe got the archetype of “the Fool” and our modern culture of humour offers as much spiritual depth and insights as the wisdom of Asia.

To call yourself a fool is the privilege of the wise for you need a lot of intelligence to come to this insight.

Foolish fools are more likely to think of themselves to be intelligent and therefore know everything better than others do.

So much about this paradox .

A Fool is  a player who doesn`t take his social role or mask as serious as society or the authorities wish them to do, he isn`t getting lost in one of his identities and never believes that what people think of him (or what he thinks of himself) is irrefutably true. He can change his mask/ identity.

The fool, like the joker in a card game , can replace any other card and is therefore trump.

In my workshops I work with the archetype of the fool to create meaningful theatre – comedy or tragedy- we don`t know yet. As fools we don`t look for solutions but mirror life`s dramas back.