Bartenieff Fundamentals

Irmgard Bartenieff developed a body re-education-Bartenieff Fundamentals– based on Rudolf von Laban`s movement analysis. The focus of this work is an alive interplay of functional and expressive movement, i.e. inner  connectivity and outer expressivity.


BF focuses on the body aspect of movement. It is a form of body education that is based on neurophysiological and anatomical knowledge, developmental movement patterns and Laban`s movement studies. Its goal is to find ways of moving that are most effective in terms of energy and use the best possible connections within the body.

Important aspects of BF are the sensing of body connections and allowing the movement to flow within those connections. This process is supported by the integration of breath, spacial clarity and the use of effort by consciously changing one`s posture (shape). Once the fundamental patterns are firmly anchored in the neurophysiological system, the connections cab grow from the inside out.

This way refined body awareness can be developed, which also helps with everyday movement.

Here is a link to an example of one of the basic 6 exercises by Martha Eddy

The essence of movement is change.

Change is inevitable, you will change wether you want to or not.

The question then becomes how much you want to actively choose in which ways you will change or in which ways you will interact with the change.


I give one to one sessions on Bartenieff Fundamentals bodywork, please contact me if you are interested.

You will learn some basic exercise to strenghten your inner body -connectivity and how to move your body in ways that keeps it flexible up into a high age.

Costs are  £30 for 60 min.

little Groups up to 4 are also possible and would reduce the costs of it.

If you are a little group, contact me and talk to me.